Check out the article on “Young Wealth Builders”  inside on page 80 of the  magazine in which Kanyessa is featured here:





Kanyessa McMahon and Suddenly featured in WWD

So excited that our work with adidas Originals White Space Project that featured Yuna Zarai, as well as, Coco and Breezy was featured in WWD today. You can watch the video that was directed by Kanyessa McMahon  and produced by Suddenly There  here.


This is what happens to the wearer of a Go Pro camera has a cake thrown in their face! Hints of shoots to come!

We realize that our recent posts have had videos that use LED lights BUT they are awesome! Check out this amazing Mercedes spot that uses LED technology to create an “Invisible Mercedes”

"Suddenly, there was an enormous flash of light, the brightest light I have ever seen or that I think anyone has ever seen. It blasted; it pounced; it bored its way into you. It was a vision which was seen with more than the eye. It was seen to last forever. You would wish it would stop; altogether it lasted about two seconds." -Witness to atom bomb explosion

— Suddenly, there was…

We here at Suddenly There believe in elevating the work of others that inspire us and thus we present Jacob Sutton’s L.E.D Surfer.